Dear editor,

Thank you for exposing the criminality and incompetency of the Milton Postal Service. I had previously thought, perhaps, our area in East Milton was singled out for non-delivery and pick up, usually once or twice each week, that is until I talked to friends in other parts of the city and county. Then your article appeared. The issues seem to be systemic, and complaints go unaddressed; at least, if addressed, not remedied. For a concrete example, I put mail in our mailbox on Friday November  30. No mail was picked up that day nor Saturday December 1. When mail is delivered, so often, it is misdelivered. About a month ago, a stranger brought me my bank statement that had been put into her box. Also, when delivered, it is so often six, seven, even eight o'clock p.m.

What is more, it used to be that, when calling the post office, a caller could talk to a person; whereas, now, one gets an automated answer, if at all. Our mail service is worse than some third world countries' service. Yet, rates continue to rise along with the incompetency. There are three mailboxes located where mine is. These neighbors complain, as well, with no improved results.  I contacted the Postal Inspector General' office a few years ago, and our service improved for a few days; then the same problems began again and have continued. One supervisor told me incompetent employees want a paycheck with no work. If the union is to blame, the union needs to be disbanded because the postal system is broken, and we deserve better.

Doris Kingry




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