Dear editor,

The best books can remain unread, could be pushed to the back unnoticed. I can’t help but think of our senior citizens, so much stored up in their book of remembrance.

They have had wonderful experiences, so many things learned on their own.

Oh so much to tell, so much to share. I love older people and love to hear them tell of how it was.

I once read that it was very important for young people to have an older person in their lives to glean from. They can glean from their experiences and use them for guidelines to live by.

Oh so much to tell. We live in the fast lane now. We need to stop now and then and listen to that senior citizen that’s dear to our heart.

Oh how they long to share from their book of remembrances. Oh so much to tell.

There are many lovely people out there with so much to give, the best councilors: spiritual, marital, child rearing, medical , gardening, cooking etc.

If we’re not careful, their book could close its pages forever, and all that knowledge goes never told again.

Oh there is so much untold. 



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