If you step outside and the winds are blowing at 74 mph, you probably don’t care if it’s a hurricane or some other kind of weather feature.

But weather forecasters do and that’s why they won’t be giving a name to the hurricane-like cyclone in the Atlantic Ocean.

In a Sunday statement from the National Hurricane Center, the forecaster on duty wrote that a “powerful non-tropical cyclone” was expected to form south of Bermuda later in the day and move quickly east-northeast across the ocean.

The storm is expected to produce gale-force winds over the western Atlantic and near Bermuda, and hurricane-force winds over the central Atlantic tomorrow.

But it’s not expected to take on subtropical or tropical storm characteristics, hence the lack of a name.

In its high-sees forecast the weather service said the storm could punch up its winds to 74 mph, stirring up wave heights as high as 17 feet.

While the surfers might like that, we’ll be happy with the gentle waves that usually lap at our Emerald Coast shoreline.

Having said that, we should point out the weather service is warning that we might get some rain and possibly a thunderstorm later tonight and into tomorrow.

A cold front is approaching from the west, bringing with it an 80 percent chance of rain for tonight and a 50-50 chance of rain tomorrow. There might also be the occasional severe thunderstorm and a small chance of a tornado.