Dear editor,

Democrats blame Trump's rhetoric for the current violence, does that include the baseball field shooting of republican representative Mike Scalise and others? Democrats paused their rhetoric for less than 24 hours. Trump's daughter Ivanka is of Jewish faith along with her husband Jared Kushner, was this behind the Pennsylvania shooting? During Obama's two terms he referenced "being at war with the republican party" and even called them the "enemy" when addressing Latino voters which set the coming political stage.

These clips and many more are on YouTube for all to see including those of Maxine Waters and others. We had 13 or so fake bombs and real bullets all coming from the mentally ill because they can't handle this political rhetoric. We have the same rhetoric all over the televised news, newspapers, and the internet over decisions that "We the People" should settle at the ballot box and respect our fair elections by our citizen voters along with the results of past and coming elections. Are we going to repeat history with a once known "slavery" our nation experienced but with a different form of slavery some want us to experience being socialism and possibly communism that both imprisons all working for a paycheck.

Both socialist and communist forms of government take from those not willing or not able to give which is theft such as the Obamacare penalty tax, benevolence only comes from those freely willing to give such as Church members. Even limited government is a necessary evil. So why are democrats so opposed to those that embrace faith and willing to give but only embrace the aspects in life that take everything including our freedom and our lives.

Steven King




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