PANAMA CITY — The Santa Rosa Press Gazette is printed by our sister paper in Panama City, the site of widespread damage from Hurricane Michael. Parts of the building there were destroyed and the press was damaged during the hurricane rendering it inoperable in the short run. For Press Gazette customers, this resulted in many papers not reaching them Saturday by mail or delivery

We’ve signed an agreement with a press in Montgomery. However, due to the short notice, many Oct. 13 papers were not delivered. We hope to have our press back up and running Friday.

The hurricane affected mail delivery of papers, too. That Panama City plant also housed the computers that keep our records of subscribers and the machines that print the mailing labels, which we put on the papers before we send them to the post office. As a result, your Saturday paper is still here — along with 900 others — needing its mailing label.

In the meaintime, the regular Wednesday, Oct. 17 paper will arrive a day late both for regular delivery and mail delivery.