MILTON — The Board of Directors for United Way Santa Rosa County has asked Kyle Holley, currently the grants and major gifts manager,  to act as the full-time administrator for the organization until their internal investigation of  “accounting irregularities" are completed.  

Guy Thompson and two other employees remain on paid administrative leave. The names of the two employees are not being released to protect their privacy, Pamela Holt, a member of the board said. The FBI executed a search warrant of the United Way offices but would not comment on what they were looking for.

United Way SRC sent out a press release late Wednesday afternoon saying the agency had recently received information about the irregularities. In response, the board of directors retained an independent auditor to review financial records as well as policies and procedures.

"I want to help them and they asked me to help," Holley said. "I want people to know that we are open and operating as normal."

Holley, working closely with the board will have administrative and approving authority with daily operations. Holley wants to continue and complete a special project that is almost finished: Westgate Mobile Home Park.

Holley has been working with the residents of Westgate since June of this year after they were court-ordered to move out of the park due to a septic system failure. The failure of the septic tank caused raw sewage to flow onto open ground creating a health hazard. The owner Carla J. Lear did not make repairs and lost the property’s permit to operate as a mobile home park and residents had to move.

Of the 12 families that were ordered to move, only one had the financial means to do so. Holley has managed to find housing for nine families. The last two residents both owned their mobile homes so they needed substantially more financial support. Through United Way Funding and generous donations, those last two families have the means to move and keep their mobile homes. The families have found lots and are working with Holley and property owners to draw up rental agreements.

"I'm happy, I'm glad I'm here," Holley said of the work.

Holley said this is not a one-man-show, and the board has assigned specific tasks to specific people.

"Our board is committed to transparency,” Holley said. "It will take about 30 days to get things resolved."

"We are open and we are available," Holley said.

The Santa Rosa County branch of the United Way is operated separately from other area United Way agencies, including the United Way of Escambia, Okaloosa and Walton Counties.