Dear editor,

Psalm 18:2a! This writer doesn’t usually respond to criticism (Oct. 10, Press Gazette). Two items mentioned deserve correction and clarification.

Item 1, in 2015 a very good friend mentioned Obama’s "I will stand with Muslims . . .".  Because he is a wonderful God-fearing, Christ-honoring patriot who loves God and country, believing what he says, I repeated it without apology. It was easy, remembering Obama's kowtowing, kissing the hand of an Arab leader on his world tour.

Item 2, the critic says I "referenced New York Times reporter, Alan Liptak . . ." I have never heard of him or his interview with Justice Ginsburg. With my own ears, more than once, I heard on Fox News that she and her husband would move to New Zealand if Trump were elected president. She suggested that the U.S. Constitution might not be the best model for post-revolutionary Egypt – her quote: "I would not look to the U.S. Constitution, if I were drafting a Constitution in the year 2012. I might look at the Constitution of South Africa," She’s probably among the Trump-haters nationwide.

Praise God and Fox News, a gutsy, credible reporting agency while other networks are too chicken to report news accurately.

Sometimes I take with a grain of salt what the New York Times prints. I wouldn’t be surprised if it became extinct as many have over the years.

The critic obviously doesn’t want my letters printed. The one behind his animosity could be the one who despised God, His Word, the one who tries to convince many that God doesn’t exist. How sad!

Obviously my letters irritate him. He criticizes letter-writer Steven King also.

My mentor is He who irritated some while blessing many. Too bad my critic doesn’t know the multitudes blessed by the letters. They encourage me to keep on writing. As long as God gives me breath and wants me to, I will!

Two scriptures come to mind, 1 Peter 2:20 and Revelation 21:8. The former comforts believers with "God is pleased if we’re buffeted for doing good."  The latter declares there’ll be no liars in heaven. FYI I’m on the way to heaven by God’s mercy and grace. My desire is that none be left behind!

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9-10). He shed His own blood for letter-writers and the world. They desperately need Him, our only Hope! Hallelujah!

Thank God for our free country, freedom of speech, editors who don’t stifle the voice of the hoi polloi, for printing opinions! I love reading letters to the editors to see who’s dead or alive on issues with guts to take a stand, glory to God! Everyone should have convictions, the courage of them whether they agree with me or not!

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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