MILTON — Milton City Council honored two individuals for what memebers said was dedicated service to the community at the Oct. 9 council meeting. Those were Dr. Jimmy Jowers and Detective Steve Mistovich Jr.

Mayor Wesley Meiss said Jowers had served 17 years on the Board of Adjustment for the city.

"He has served with wisdon, loyalty and dedication," Meiss said. "We thank him for his service."

Since 2010, Mistovich has served the city as a Milton City Police Department detective. He was in charge of a homicide investigation, which took over a year to complete. 

Milton Police Chief Tony Tindell said Mistovich did a fantastic job in the investigation and, "did not take any shortcuts and did precise work."

"Steve maintained under pressure. He took no shortcuts; he did precise work and interviewed over 35 witnesses in the case. There were three defendants in the investigation. He did this all himself."

According to Tindell, he received a letter from the foreman of the jury commending Mistovich of his dedication to the job.

The council thanked both men for their service and loyalty to the city of Milton.