MILTON — Alan Lowery: Incumbent running for City Council Ward III.

Lowery is a Milton native. He has lived in the city limits since 1982 and was elected to the council in 2014. He retired as a captain from the Milton Fire Department in 2009 having served as a fire fighter for 30 years to the city. He is married to his wife Stephanie.

According to Lowery, he wants to make a difference while in office. He has been the city's representative to the Santa Rosa County Tourism Development Council, which has provided funding to the city for things like the marina and Bands on the Blackwater, for three years. He also serves on the Bay Area Resource Council, whose focus is environmental preservation of waterways.

“First of all, I am not a career politician,” Lowery said in an email. "I believe in term limits. I have succeeded in giving the citizens the right to vote on '12 is enough' term limits on the November ballot.”

Another thing Lowery said he wants to do is form a standardized maintenance system for all public works projects.

Lowery said he does not have any real concerns right now and thinks Milton is moving in a good direction despite what citizens have heard. 

“As much as you hear about bickering," he said, "[the council] is really getting a lot done.” 

Among the things Milton has accomplished that Lowery said he was happy about are the recent 3 percent raises to all city employees and the lowering their health insurance costs.

Lowery said he wants to remain on the city council for a number of reasons. The council will be adding more 'mom and pop' businesses to the city as well as partnering with a recruiting business to bring larger business to the city, according to Lowery. The council is also working toward more affordable housing in the area, improvements to the waste water plant, increasing security at the community center and working to increase staff at the city police department.

“I want to make sure we are doing the best for the city,” he said. “I am open, honest, trustworthy and compassionate. I govern with a 'no nonsense' approach in an effort to educate and protect the citizens.”

Lowery said the citizens voted four years ago and expressed their desire for change and a better Milton.

“We can do that together,” he said. “I would be honored to serve four more years.”