MILTON — Schools in Santa Rosa County have new policies in place for extracurricular activities. 

A statement from the school district says the aim to make experiences at extracurricular events as safe and enjoyable as possible.

The district has enacted the following rules for all extracurricular events:

Bags will not be permitted except for diaper bags, medically necessary bags, and any bag that is 12-by-6-by-12 or smaller. Bags meeting this criteria will be searched prior to entry.
No loitering or standing along fences, parking lots, or any other places on school grounds will be allowed.
No outside food or drinks, skateboards, pets, vape or tobacco products, sports balls, or weapons are allowed either.
No ticket sales will happen after 3rd quarter (for sporting events with quarters)
Attendees will not be able to reenter either.

Daniel Hahn, director for school safety for the county, said this will be a good thing for the county.

"We are implementing a standardized procedure which schools were already beginning on their own," Hahn said.  "This procedure is designed after the same one as Florida State University and Pensacola Bay Center."

The district said to provide needed safety, each school can add security measures as needed and parents should contact their children's principals for more information.