MILTON — Heather Lindasy is currently running for mayor of Milton.

Lindsay was born in Milton and has 23 years experience as a lawyer. She is a past president of Kiwanis Club and member of Impact 100 and Shakespeare Club. Lindsay and her children, Isabelle and Fox Gampher, are members of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, where she has volunteered as a vestry member, lay Eucharistic Minister, Sunday School teacher, and member of the Altar Guild.

Lindsay said she has come from a long line of public servants. Her mother was a teacher and her father is a lawyer with whom she still practices law today. Her grandfather was on the city council and her great-uncle was a property appraiser.

Lindsay said Milton citizens strongly encouraged her to run for mayor, but she prayed before she made a decision. She said she wants to be an advocate for the citizens of Milton.

"Being a Miltonian means we treat each person with dignity and respect," Lindsay said in a previous email. "We honor our military and our elders, and we cherish our children."

She said she looks forward to providing assistance to the city council and staff in helping Milton move forward. She said she wants to protect the past as well as focus on provide the present needs and look on future needs.

Lindsay said she encourages the city staff to educate council before council makes decisions. She also encourages council to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars, promoting economic development and preserving public safety with adequate infrastructure investment.

"As Mayor, I would guide discussion so that [all] have a healthy debate while solutions are designed in the best interests of the city as a whole," she said.

She said one of her goals as mayor is to prioritize council’s attention of what needs to be done. She said there are many roads that still need to be repaved. She said she is also concerned that a plan needs to be made for the update to the water waste plant which will be at capacity by 2025. She also wants to bring new businesses that have diverse economy that allows more choices for citizens.

Lindsay said she would hold office hours at city hall for citizens to meet with her as well as be willing to meet with her at other times. Lindsay said she feels the mayor should be the voice of the people.

“I want to get people engaged. Lindsay said. “It is only when we are engaged that we can build a solid foundation for Milton’s future. I look forward to hearing each voice in my beautiful hometown as I campaign to be your Mayor of the City of Milton."