Dear editor,

That DiFi and desperate Democrats produced an 11th-hour derailment attempt was no surprise.

Ted Kennedy, the pot calling the kettle black, had the gall to fight Bork’s confirmation while his own character then was questionable (Chappaquiddick)! His treatment compelled me to call Bork at home. His wife answered; she gave him the phone. A humble Bork appreciated my encouragement.

God is a “numbers” God. Sixty-five congressionals interviewed Kavanaugh. Thank God for three of “65” women, signees of one letter, had guts enough on TV to extol Kavanaugh’s character, integrity and moral example during high-school years. That letter and many more confirm President Trump’s nomination for Supreme Court Justice was spot on.

Democrats tried “Borking” other nominees. Clarence Thomas survived the “hell” to which he was subjected, emerging an excellent justice!

That the Bible is proven true daily is no surprise. Jesus Christ said if they hated Him, they would hate us. Who is us? The “some are dregs of society” according to Biden. Biden should learn “some” supporters of President Trump and/or Kavanaugh are “children of the Most High God” proud to be in God’s Army on the firing line, dangerous but rewarding!

God will always have a remnant willing to stand for what’s right in God’s sight, including support of Israel whose capital is Jerusalem from where our King of Kings and Lord of Lords will return to reign. Glory to God!

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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