Dear editor, 

The anathemizers are alive and well. “Unfit for President” they declare. God didn’t think so! He allowed President Trump’s victory swiftly eliminating 16 candidates.

Were he unfit, he couldn’t have executed his accomplishments. To think he did while potential, so-to-speak “traitors” (“resistance”) infiltrated his administration is even more exciting! I love it! Thank God for loyal, faithful co-workers supporting him, a blessing indeed!

Whether the N.Y. Times op-ed author pretended to be or is an insider resisting Trump’s agenda, he/she should resign. Using taxpayer money therefor is abhorrent.

Against all odds, without a day’s peace since election he keeps on keeping on. Hallelujah! Thank God for God fearing Christ-honoring Hillary’s “deplorables” who voted for him, encourage, support and pray for him devoted to our beloved America.

Shame on Democrats’ agenda: abolishing ICE (sacrificing for our safety) and impeaching Trump. The “bad guys” incessantly attempt thwarting Trump’s agenda. Many thwarted continuation of Obama’s 8-year reign. He was diametrically opposed to two issues near and dear to God’s heart outlined in the Greatest Book ever written never to be superseded, praise God!

When President Trump called op-ed “gutless”, my immediate thought was “treason” stretching its meaning. He later said “treason." Amen!

Situation like this occur in many workplaces. To succeed, co-workers should always practice loyal, desirable teamwork or get out of the way.

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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