Dear editor,

I live in Woodbine Springs Plantation, a subdivision whose only access is via Woodbine Road.  Last Thursday it took me 22 minutes to travel from our tract down Woodbine road to Highway 90 -- a distance of less than three miles! From 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Woodbine Road is a stop and go traffic nightmare. 

Development in the Pace area has exploded over the last three years, and the current two-lane road has become overwhelmed by everyday go-to-work traffic.

Now there are rumors of a projected new development which would consist of 700 plus homes, and some additional 1500 cars to add to our stress every morning and evening.

The existing situation is intolerable for all those who face it every day.  As for Santa Rosa County's Commissioners and Zoning board, its see-no-evil, hear no evil.

It was my misguided understanding that the Santa Rosa Commissioners and Zoning board were supposed to be attending to county resident needs.

We've been paying big taxes for schools and infrastructure ... and the infrastructure is a disaster.  We need a new 4-lane road and new commissioners if they can't find a way to get new developers to make major payments to offset infrastructure improvement.  Maybe they could close a few ball parks, eliminate Xmas decorations, etc?

Dear Commissioners: Keep in mind all of us stuck in traffic on Woodbine Road every morning and evening are wishing you chest pains for the rest of the week!



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