Dear editor,

Why does today's science ignore past science's findings? To get a conclusion which today's science is paid to get, conveniently being what they want to hear for those paying the bill, but not the truth.

Decades ago, science measured the carbon dioxide levels captured in lava rocks during the earth's cooling period. Those rocks contained levels of CO2 between 20 percent and 21 percent meaning oxygen virtually did not exist as a free element of the earth's atmosphere at that time.

Now if carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, how did the earth ever cool? This high level of carbon dioxide explains why plant life first inhabit the earth. Over time plant life removed enough CO2 so animal life could be sustained with needed oxygen. Today's CO2 level is at four tenths of one percent with oxygen now at about 21 percent.

The Supreme Court, not Congress, unconstitutionally rewrote legislation allowing Obama and the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere yet science and government have no idea what that percentage should be!

The leftist Democrats have for years used Germany as the green energy solar model for the world. So why is Germany needing a fossil fuel pipe line from Russia? Obama's truest statement was "under my green energy plan utilities would necessarily skyrocket."

Why does Germany, Spain (solar power models), and Denmark (wind power model) have the highest utilities cost in Europe? Why is California (U.S. Green Energy model) having rolling brownouts? Why is China bragging about selling another one hundred new solar farms when Germany is building thirteen new fossil fuel burning power plants?

I suggest reading "The Four Known Scientific Ways Carbon Dioxide Cools Earth's Climate" available on the internet by Dr. Pierre Latour PE. Over population is what is causing the earth's carbon dioxide filtering plant life to be removed & replaced with man's heat absorbing materials (cat on a hot tin roof, fry a egg on the sidewalk) to build our over populated cities likely causing the earth's one degree rise in temperature.




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