MILTON — City council provided and update to the T28 plane repair progress, which shows a positive outlook for the city.

Council said through working with Naval Air Station Pensacola and NAS Whiting Field, the estimated cost for the repair of the plane has gone down by half of proposed costs to make necessary repairs. The original repair estimates were $80,000.

City Manager Randy Jorgenson said the estimated man hours needed to complete all repairs would be around 750 hours. Jorgenson also said that 12-15 individuals have volunteered their time to assist. 

Some repairs have already been done, according to council, including the repair to a default in the base holding the plane. Council said that the plane will be able to stay in place during all repairs.

The city of Milton conducted a survey for the fate of the T28 plane in front of Milton High School. After an overwhelming response to keep the plane, the city began making preparations to repair it based on the requirements of the Navy. These repairs include clearing corrosion and mold from the plane and fixing its base.