Dear editor,

All forms of slavery are based in economics as to someone or society profiting from someone else's labor. The most understood and remembered form was outlawed with our Civil War and the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to our Constitution.

What is the difference between the old hardcore slavery concept and the softer newer slavery concept of excessive taxes allowing one part of society to continually profit from the labor of another part of society?

With the old hardcore slavery concept the slave owner assumed the cost of the well being of their slaves. With the softer, newer form of economic, excessive, tax slavery, the taxpayer, especially the lower middle class, now hopes government leaves them enough money to assume the cost (Obamacare) of their own well being. What is the difference between an economic hand-up to better one's self and a continuous economic handout with no requirement to better themselves?

The first benefits all of society by moving those with an uplifting personal incentive from a continuous economic handout to being able to pay taxes and thus allowing taxes to be lowered across the board for all in society. A continuous economic handout does not benefit society because with a personal incentive they never become a contributor to the tax base continually causing higher taxes within society while only the nonworking or low wage individuals benefit from those handouts.

Isn't true "socialism" where everyone contributes? The left has hijacked the word "socialism" replacing it with "social justice!"

These differences are what drive the political ideologies of the left's concept of "slavery" and the right's concept of "freedom." One is used to make man a slave to government for what it gives them while the other makes man the master of government by limiting what it takes from them.

Isn't it amazing that Democrats backed the old concept of slavery and now embrace their newer concept of higher tax slavery of socialism? Democrats called them crumbs but now want their socialist Democrat crumbs back so their pandered-to voters can eat cake!



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