Dear editor,

The “phony game Mueller’s playing,” his illegitimate investigation should have ended long ago!

Giuliani, spot on, told him to “put up or shut up.” Hallelujah!

Manafort’s 2005 tax and fraud activity trial has nothing to do with Trump. Rosenstein, Mueller’s boss, and Mueller (whose best friend was Comey), a mutual-admiration duo, with 17 left-wing bad-guy Democrats (a set up) are hell-bent on impeachment, hence their twisting and turning efforts. Shame on all of them!

When Mueller was FBI Director under Barack Hussein Obama, why didn’t he deal with Manafort?

Thank God for presiding judge, T. S. Ellis, sizing up the situation, bold enough to proclaim they’re trying to get something on President Trump to either “prosecute or impeach him.” He scolded Mueller. Good for him!

Harvard professor, Alan Dershowitz, author of “The Case Against Impeaching Trump” said Ellis is his kind of judge; mine too!

Former U.S. Attorney, Joe diGenova, bemoans the “disgusting, display ...” attempting to destroy Manafort for politics when “the ultimate goal is to get something on Trump.”

Gutsy Mark Levin of “Life, Liberty and Levin," “the Great One,” said over 65 million voted for Trump. He chastised the press for attacking Bork, Palin, Clarence Thomas, Reagan and Trump. Levin’s advice to Trump’s lawyers: Confront Mueller with “you are unconstitutional. What you’re doing is unconstitutional. You are not king of the universe. We won’t bow down to you. You are a rogue prosecutor!” Wow! All Americans should “Amen” that!

Mueller wants to entrap Trump. I hope an interview doesn’t happen.

Gingrich’s challenge to Mueller: Tell America what evidence you have against Trump. Mueller won’t because he doesn’t have any!

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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