A man and woman from Mobile, Alabama, were arrested in Santa Rosa County on Thursday after stealing a woman's wallet and using the credit card inside to make purchases, lawmen say.

Deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office responded to a call that an employee at a local retail store had her wallet stolen by a man while she was distracted by questions from a female suspect, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office.

Within minutes, the stolen credit card was used to buy $400 in Walmart gift cards, the press release said. Deputies, while taking the first report, were then told there was another transaction attempt on the same credit card at another store.

Deputies immediately went to the store and arrested Leglemon Belt, 50, and Oletha Clemons, 54, on multiple theft and fraud charges.

Investigators were also able to link the pair to several other related crimes, according to the release. The Sheriff's Office had posted to Facebook seeking the identities of the two suspects in the past.

The investigation is ongoing.