Dear editor,

I am voting for Cris Dosev in the Republican Primary for Congress this August 28th to replace Matt Gaetz. Mr. Gaetz is not a good Congressman. Mr. Gaetz maneuvers around Washington for television cameras, to build his career. I have personally met Cris Dosev, a former Marine Aviator, Combat Veteran, and his family. He is a solid conservative, who will not go to Washington to just build a political career.

As physician, one of my biggest concerns in government is the legalization of Marijuana. In my family and in my medical practice, Marijuana has caused tremendous harm to those I care about. There is no medical benefit to the use of Marijuana. Matt Gaetz is one the biggest supporters in Congress for advancing legal marijuana. He is out of touch with what true conservatives think about Marijuana.

Cris Dosev is the real Pro-life candidate.  He has helped us peacefully pray for the end of abortion at our abortion clinic in Pensacola. Cris has an amazing heart for unborn children and their mothers.

I encourage everyone to go to and learn why Cris Dosev should replace  Matt Gaetz in Washington. 

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