Dear editor,

First, Santa Rosa County needs Commissioner Rob Williamson to continue to serve our county. I am not writing to defend this dynamic and hard working young man. I am here to commend him, and to recommend him.

His documented and well-presented past shows him to have an immense and honest character — a man who is willing to share the epiphany he had that changed his life and made him a wonderful husband, father (the impetus for his renewal), citizen and public servant who has been a stalwart of a County Commissioner.

The very reason Rob voted to keep the County Courthouse downtown — as the citizens of Santa Rosa wanted and voted for — Milton and District 2 need immediate investment and new leadership. The only place in our county where the crime rate increased was Milton — by 8.5 percent! GB is down 37 percent, Navarre down 35 percent, SRC down 20 percent. Milton is the only area that is up.

The only poor performing schools are located in District 2. This is why he pushed for the $40 million investment (Courthouse) to stay in Milton to help turn it around.

Why will investors put money to work where crime is increasing? How will companies recruit employees to an area where schools are performing worse than other areas of the county? When you add in the negativity and divisiveness by many, it only makes it harder to fix ... by anyone. We need this perceptive Commissioner to continue to bless our county with his willingness to take on those whose only goal is personal gain.

We “voters” not only “deserve” to keep Commissioner Rob Williamson in office, but we desperately need to keep him there — for the good/betterment of District 4 and indeed the entire County of Santa Rosa. His open and honest life shows he has more credibility than most and has shown he knows how to deal with problems no matter how insurmountable they may seem to some. Vote to re-elect Commissioner Rob Williamson, a man who can face a problem and has shown he can solve it.



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