Dear editor,

Letter to the Editor

I met Cris Dosev and Matt Gaetz in the spring of 2017 at a UWF College Republicans dinner.   My first impression of Dosev was that he was a genuine man who cared about the citizens of Northwest Florida. Throughout the night, he took the time to sit down with several different folks to speak about the issues that mattered to them.  A Christian man, Dosev was invited to open the night in prayer. Next up was Congressman Gaetz's act. He lauded himself on stage and shared lewd stories about how he stripped for ladies’ votes to win the 2016 Congressional election.  Made up or not, it appeared as if he was trying (a little too hard) to appeal to the “college crowd.”  Did he not think that the college Republicans should be taken seriously?  The feeling was reciprocated as my peers and I have not been able to take our Congressman seriously since that night. Clearly, Cris was “the adult in the room.” The primary vote on August 28th is a decision of who we want to represent our home. Choose Cris Dosev, a man who won't compromise the values of NW Florida for votes.

Ean Lundy, Molino, Florida


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