Dear editor,

Over many years of experiencing, life the following sentence slowly rose to the forefront of my thought as a saying to live by: "If a man does not take care of what has been placed in his charge, soon he has nothing to care for." This can be applied to all things. It runs the gamut from wealth to family, from one's car to one's home, from one's physical body to one's relationship with the creator. 

This coin also has another side. If a man excels at taking care of what he has, more will be placed in his charge. Of course, if you feel you already have enough, the new gift will be passed to someone who will happily embrace the charge.

If you see a person who is happy in their life, look more closely and you will most likely see a person who takes care of what has been placed in their charge. If you see a person that has nothing at all, take an even closer look and you will most likely find he had the opportunity to take care of things that were placed in his charge and failed to do so.

It is true that at times fate seems to step into a few people’s lives and over rule this precept, but you will probably never see a man down for long if he takes care of the opportunities and things placed in his charge.

Over the past few years I’ve told numbers of people this saying. Hopefully it has been of benefit to them and they have passed it on. If you get the opportunity to share this small sentence, please do. Taken to heart it could change lives.



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