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I'm a frequent traveler of Munson Highway and I'm wondering why if it's against the law for an automobile to run a stop sign why is it not against the law for the bicycle Riders on the Blackwater Trail to avoid stopping at the stop sign. On the 4th of July there were many bicycle Riders going across the road. Its not a street. Its a highway, and they run across ahead of the traffic. They do not stop. They cannot read the stop sign. There needs to be a gate there or some kind of thing to make them stop before somebody gets killed...The people that ride bicycles do not understand that the highway traffic has the right of way not them. They have stop signs on their side of the trail and it is very dangerous for them to run across ahead of traffic because a log truck, a dump truck or maybe a vehicle such as that cannot stop. It's very dangerous for them. 

Mary King

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