National security graduate degrees like the one offered at Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security are growing in popularity. Why? Well, National Security, at its core, is protecting a nation and its people from bad or harmful intentions of any other nation. It is hard to know the secret agenda of a foreign nation, regardless of whether they are on the other side of the planet or right next door. National Security is staying one step ahead of other nations, but it’s also much more than that as well. Neighboring countries may not seem to show any malicious intent, but it's always better to stay a step ahead and be prepared. While there are many ways to get ahead in National Security, one of the best methods and arguably the most important way is by having intelligence. 

Intelligence plays a major role in National Security, as knowing is half of the battle. Gathering intelligence, however, is no simply feat. It usually takes a high caliber of knowledge to truly be able to gather intellect. In terms of national security, gathering knowledge without being detected is paramount, therefore gathering knowledge requires the agent to know the culture, language and much more about the region that the agent is gathering information from. While the agent may not be doing anything malicious, the information that the agent may receive may be detrimental to the safety of their home country.

Once information has been gathered, the vital information must make it back to the country and utilized as necessary. While some information that makes it back could have little to no immediate impact, such as which dictators are trying to take power or who is up for election, some information could be vital, such as if the country is preparing to go to war or invade another country. Information is then passed to individuals with power and is handled as necessary to make sure that National Security is the utmost concern for the wellbeing of the nation’s citizens.

While Theodore Roosevelt said it well when he said, “walk tall and carry a big stick,” Zhuge Liang was also correct with his quote, “there is no greater weapon than a prepared mind.” That is why there are schools, much like the prestigious Daniel Morgan Graduate School, that offer degrees in National Security to arm and prepare our next national defenders with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect the nation. The National Security Master’s Degree offered at Daniel Morgan Graduate School is geared towards today’s military and civilian industries. The program is designed so that students may heighten their skills for anticipation of trends in the global environment, so that they are prepared for any changes that may occur globally. Students will also learn about strategies and instruments that competitors may utilize, as well as their goals and vulnerabilities. Students will learn how to identify specific opportunities to advance the United States’ interests, whether locally or globally. The National Security Master’s Degree program will go over how the United States organizes government and institutes, as well as the authority that individual agencies have to implement policy. The National Security program is great for not only those looking to be a part of the nation’s next defenders, but those working in the competitive business sector may learn a great deal from this program. 

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