Dear editor,

How do you have fair trade? When governments let people trade with other people without the involvement of governments.

China's own statement to lower the cost of its already in-place tariffs is a good indication of not having a system of fair trade with other countries.

Who determines the safety of a product, the country that manufactures it, or the one that imports it?

Do you believe China let the over-the-counter products of spice (smoked) and bath salts (snorted) to be legally sold to its citizens? What about the lead paint used for children's toys, or the pet food that killed our pets yet all these products came from China.

Many illegal drugs are imported to Mexico to be exported along with Mexico's illegal drugs—marijuana and cocaine—on the black market into America over our southern border.

In many cases, South Americans are used to transport these drugs across our border with this illegal immigration. The drugs phenol and heroin in their completed manufactured forms originate in China and are not sold to their citizens legally or on the black market. And the political parties are worried just about a trade war and illegal immigration.

There are things going on below the surface, below the obvious, that are meant to undermine America as "we the people" know it and many of our politicians and citizenry are complicit with it by using these topics as political footballs! 



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