Dear editor, 

Jim Moore, two Trump presidential terms will not be enough time to clean up the D.C. deep state. The majority of voters in all the states did vote for Trump and your liberal attempt to undermine our Constitution is one of the reasons Trump was elected.

I also believe the anti-Christian, pro-Islam situation began with Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Barack talked about his Islam faith while even writing a book and was even corrected on TV to instead talk about the Christian faith as if it was his own.

Jim, free speech also protects those that are willing to lie but I'm sure the press is above that, so why all the back page retractions?

American Democracy began reeling with Obama's IRS officials pleading the Fifth Amendment on silencing the people versus testifying regarding the 2012 elections.

The political weaponization of the FBI and DOJ is just a continuance of the same tactics to alter the current presidency. The DNC did stack the deck in the Democrat Party primary to elect the greater evil, Hillary Clinton.

The Democrat Party just delivered its demands regarding the denuclearization of North Korea. It's a shame those weren't the same Democrat demands for Iran's future unconstitutional nuclearization deal of Obama.

Jim, I do agree with you. WHICH collusion should we be investigating, The Clinton Foundation's $140 million dollar Russian donation and why Hillary's reset button with Russia, said in Russian "over charge" instead of "reset?"

Jim, you might want to sell your glass house before you start throwing rocks!



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