Dear editor, 

Good for President Trump’s celebration of America instead of hosting NFL members whose leadership condones anti-Trump, American, and government activity on company time! No employee on their job could get away with that! So the Eagles didn’t genuflect. They’re still NFL members.

The mayor of Philadelphia’s comments were disgusting. Hateful anti-Trumpers saying he’s unpatriotic are wrong! He stands for freedom, patriotism, and one nation under God.

God says we should have no other gods before God, should love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

America’s god has been sports obsession for years!

Herman Cain and Leo Terrell, Civil Rights attorney, had a confrontation. I supported the former, a patriot, when he entered politics. The latter maligning Trump was hateful.

The celebration was timely since Flag Day approaches. We need more of them.

Thank God for Trump. Against all odds he keeps on keeping on. Shame on those advocating impeachment.

He’s pardoning some worthy unlike the drug dealers, Chelsea (Bradley Edward) Manning, and undesirables Obama and Clinton pardoned.

Some time ago I wrote a letter urging Clint Lorence’s pardon. He’s unjustly incarcerated in Leavenworth for doing his job in Afghanistan. Thank God Duncan Hunter, California legislator, is advocating for Lorence’s pardon.

Flag Day is President Trump’s birthday; no accident He supports it! All Americans should honor those who sacrificed so that Old Glory may wave forever.

God bless us all as only He can. Maranatha!



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