MILTON — A Santa Rosa County Sheriff sergeant has been cleared by state attorneys after he was forced to take the life of a suspect during a routine investigation.  

Sergeant Vaughn was responding to an emergency call in a local Milton neighborhood when the assailant Isaac Scroggie of Pensacola, began attacking Vaughn.  

Sheriff Bob Johnson said the officer tried to teaser the suspect however when the teaser failed to work the suspect began to attack the officer forcing the officer to draw his gun.  The suspect died on scene.  

Johnson said the suspect was not from the area and it is unknown what he was doing in the area.

“We have a very low crime rate here,” Johnson said.  “But this can happen anywhere.”  

Johnson said officers are here to help people and it is never the intention of any officer to have to kill anyone and it weighs heavily on the officer’s mind that the suspect had to dies but it was unavoidable.  

The investigation is ongoing.

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