JAY — A 1 p.m. bomb threat, May 29, led to the evacuation of Jay High and Jay Elementary Schools and the arrest of a 13-year-old for making a false bomb threat and disruption of a school function, according to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Ofice.

An unnamed student received a text message advising of a bomb threat to the school. According to the arrest report, the unnamed student received a text message saying "The bomb is active get out of there," followed by non-English symbols then more text saying "10 minutes."

After a thorough investigation and within 30 minutes, a suspect was in custody.

The threat was unfounded, the SRSO says, and the inidvidual who sent the text was discovered to be a student supposedly playing a joke.

After the unnamed student showed this message to a teacher, Rebecca Holley, then Principal Stephen Knowlton, staff evacuated the schools to the football field. Students returned to class after 30 to 45 minutes, according to the report.