MILTON — The Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners declared May 28 to June 1 Flood Safety Awareness Week. The BOCC and SRC Emergency Management plans chief Daniel Hahn offer these five key facts to know about flooding.

1.    If you live in Florida, you need to have flood insurance. There is a 30-day waiting period, so don’t wait. Home insurance does not cover floods.
2.    Be prepared. Stock up on the essentials in case of power outages and potential flooding risks like batteries, water bottles, canned food, sand bags, and other non perishable goods.
3.    Turn around. Don’t drown. Never drive through flood waters. Flooding causes more storm-related deaths than anything else. Less than two feet of moving water can wash your car off the road. Floodwaters can hide washouts.
4.    Floodwater may contain sewage, sharp objects and other dangerous debris. Never swim or walk unprotected through floodwaters.  Also, never allow children to play in floodwaters. Six inches of moving flood water can knock them down.
5.    Know your flood zone. Visit if you don't.

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