MILTON — Students in Santa Rosa County are now able to help stop crime in their own schools with a new system rolling out called “Speak Out.”

The program, started by Crime Stoppers president Shari Greene and Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Rich Aloy, allows students to anonymously report any type crime happening in their school to law enforcement.

“It is crime stoppers in the school system,” Aloy said in a press conference on May 17. “The only difference between Crime Stoppers and Speak Out is the rewards. There is no rewards system. We feel students want to do the civic thing, do the right thing in their schools.”

Aloy said this program is free to the taxpayers and is an anonymous way that children can report crime to their schools.  

It is also the first in the state to be implemented in the school systems since the Parkland school shootings.  

According to Aloy, since the two weeks that the program has been out in the school system, law enforcement has received 25 tips of crime from the speak out program.  

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