MILTON — During the executive city council meeting held on April 30, Milton resident Pam Mitchell approached the council holding a peanut fan to address the mayor.

“I really hate to be here with peanut fans to draw attention to something but I feel like the night that Brian Watkins was fired and there was so much controversy over the use of four letter words that it was overlooked that the entire audience was offended,” Mitchell said. “We were called the peanut gallery and I just think we also deserve an apology, Mr. Mayor.”

Mayor Wesley Meiss apologized for his remarks and said while he has a sense of humor, he should not have made that remark.

Milton resident Jerry Mitchell approached the council with his concern that there is no audio or video recording available of the meeting where this event, as well as the Brian Watkins firing occurred. City Planner Randy Jogenson said they are working with a company that records the meeting to get the footage and as soon as it is made available it will posted on the city’s website.