MILTON — Brandi Winkleman, community relations director for A Hope for Santa Rosa, approached the Milton council about leasing a building the city owns on Washington Street to help in their animal rescue outreach at the April 19 council meeting.  

“We need a clinic in the area. Right now we drive two and a half hours to take animals twice a month to go get fixed in Panama City,” Winkleman said in a later interview.  

Winkleman said Hope is ready for the next step and this would help to assist the local shelter, Santa Rosa County Animal Services.

The building would primarily be a neuter clinic and intake center, according to Winkleman. She says she knows that this building will not be large enough for the organization's overall goal but will help.  

“It would draw attention from all over. We have very big dreams.” she said.

The ultimate goal for the building is to facilitate educating the community as well as helping the animals Winkleman said.

The council members said before approving or rejecting her proposal they would like to see an assessment of the building to determine if it meets guidelines to house animals. 

A Hope for Santa Rosa began in 2017 by partnering with Operation Spay Bay, a Panama City-based organization.  

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