Dear editor,



New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker at the 2016 DNC said our Founding Fathers used the word "savages" to describe Indians in our Constitution. The word "savages" does not appear anywhere in our Constitution.

Cory has now said these crumbs of employee bonuses and lower taxes come at the cost of our ever increasing national debt. But in the two terms of Barack Obama's presidency our nation paid higher taxes and government collected the most money ever but our deficit was the largest ever at $9 trillion dollars while increasing our debt from $10 trillion to $19 trillion dollars. So obviously Cory Booker is again wrong with his ideology and our problem has always been where and how government unconstitutionally spends this collected tax money.

Article I Section 8 of our Constitution itemizes and describes what the federal government may fund thus limiting the size of the federal government, which reflects what is actually needed for funding our federal government.

If all humans were angels, no government, no law or no tax money would be needed but because some people are evil, government itself becomes a necessary evil of society to rule society. Now with government being a necessary evil of society, is this not the reason our Founding Fathers sought to limit government's size and scope of how the federal government interacts with our society with the written words of our Constitution? 



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