MILTON — In January, John Wiley asked the Press Gazette when the Interstate 10 widening project from the Pensacola Bay Bridge to the Avalon Exit, No 22, would be complete.

That month, Florida Department of Transportation spokesperson Tanya Branton said standard liquidated damages would be applied around April 1 and the project would be completed this spring.

However, the project is still far from complete and Wiley would like an update.


“I have seen very little progress since [the last] article was published and they are not remotely close to a completion date. Please update us on the current status and efforts to expedite the completion of this project, which presents a safety hazard to thousands of drivers on a daily basis.” – John Wiley, Milton


According to Jack Harrison, the construction project manager with FDOT, progress has been made on the project since January.

“I think you will start to see the contractor take an aggressive stance on the remaining work to be done,” Harrison said. “Time has been granted to the contractor for weather impacts, holidays and time associated with storms Irma and Nate extending contract time.

When contract time expires, liquidated damages will be imposed as determined by FDOT, Harrison said. The department now expects project completion to be in late summer to early fall.

“I think you will start to see more progress,” Harrison said. “All four ramps are under construction. The overpass is complete. You will begin to see paving operations begin this month.”

Prince Contracting was awarded the project and construction began in June 2015. The widening spans 4.1 miles at a cost of $38.573 million.

The completion date has been pushed multiple times due to severe weather and holidays, according to FDOT. There are no incentives in the contract between FDOT and Prince Contracting for the contractor to finish early.


The completion date for the Interstate 10 widening project has been extended until summer or fall of this year.

FDOT has a website and a Facebook page explaining the project and detailing updates on progress. Residents can visit it at and