NAVARRE BEACH — Soon, everyone will have the chance to enjoy Navarre Beach.

At the Santa Rosa County Commissioner meeting Monday morning, the board voiced approval of the purchase of two aquatic beach wheelchairs for public use at the beach. The purchase totals $2,698.20.

According to the agenda backup documents, the Navarre Visitor's Center receives requests for the availability of beach access wheelchairs on a regular basis. The Tourist Development Council Board of Directors voted and approved the purchased last week.

The wheelchairs feature four patented balloon wheels designed to roll over sand, dirt, snow and rocks. Other features include an umbrella and mesh bag and cushion.

In a partnership with the county, Windjammers on the Pier has agreed to store the wheelchairs underneath the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier as well as manage the check-in and check-out system.

The chairs will be available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis. Windjammers will promote the availability of the chairs on their website and around the pier.

The Board moved the agenda item to Thursday's regular meeting for vote.

This is the second effort put forth by the county to make the beach more accessible in the last few weeks. In March, the county implemented a new ADA-accessible rollout pathway with the Mobi-Mat Recpath AFX Blue Jay, a 100-foot long mat that allows for persons using wheelchairs, walkers and strollers to navigate the sand.

"We're making out beach more accessible," said District 4 Rob Williamson at the meeting. "It's a good investment."