MILTON — A husband and wife were arrested on charges of aiding in a prisoner escape after they hid the woman’s mother in their motel room.

According to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, on April 3 deputies attempted to arrest a woman based on an active warrant, but the woman found out about the warrant and left her home before deputies arrived to arrest her.

The woman’s son told police the woman’s daughter had most likely taken her to a motel where her husband was staying. When deputies went to the hotel, they found the son-in-law in the motel room, but he denied his mother-in-law was there and said he did not have a relationship with her.

The next day, deputies returned to the motel and found the husband and wife in the parking lot. The man told them again that he did not know where his mother was and said they had checked out of the motel room.

The deputies asked the front desk assistant if the couple had checked out, and learned they hadn’t. The front desk assistant accompanied the deputies to the room, where they saw the wanted suspect lying in a bed.

The woman told the deputies they could come in and said she had been expecting them to find her. She even had her “whites” (referring to white, jail-issued undergarments) packed in a bag, ready to go to jail.

The deputies arrested the woman on a warrant, and then arrested the husband and wife on charges of aiding in a prisoner escape. They were both taken to the Santa Rosa County Jail.