Dear editor,

The physical signs of a tribulation continue into 2018.  In two months we’ve had one of the worst flu epidemics in our history, with nearly 120 children dying so far as it begins to wane. We’ve had the worst high school massacre in US history with 17 people killed right here in Florida.  We’re now undergoing a significant wave of ongoing Nor’easters occurring which has left millions of people in the Northeast without power and has disrupted air and train travel for thousands all over the east coast.

Now, these physical events, if you connect the dots, have been both continuous and increasing in America and we’re only in early March. Christian’s would recognize the continuous pattern of personal and national disasters as a wakeup call that should urge them to express concern to enlighten non-Christians. This pattern of disasters suggests a closer return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The only hope non-Christians have to be part of the biblically defined eternal life is to discover Jesus before He returns to take his church home. Real loving Christians would hope you find Jesus ‘before he returns’ so that you are not lost to eternity.  

Interestingly, as end times unfold, there has to emerge some other actions that would imply that world peace might be a possibility. I’m thinking that since the Lord has allowed Donald Trump to become our president, that He might use Mr. Trump to begin this process. If the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un ends up being consummated in Rome, Italy under the auspices of the Catholic Pope then this is consistent with my expectation of one end-time need.

Eventually there somehow has to be a merger of certain common goals between the American Protestant Evangelicals and the Catholic Pope. World peace will be one of these common goals.

So, I encourage you to be alert, vigilant and prepared for what is happening and what will continue to happen as the world around you unfolds.



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