Dear editor,

Thank God for the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Some successes include registering more than 2.5 million new Christian voters – 81 percent of whom voted for President Trump.

Since 2010, F&F has been building the database of 42 million now eligible conservative leaning Christian voters.

Almost 10,000 field staff and volunteers knocked on 1,256,778 doors in key states conducting personal home visits. They register, educate and turnout millions of conservative Christians to vote.

The anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-American left vision, different from ours, is hell-bent on erasing America’s borders so we don’t have a country. They want to eliminate Christianity as a moral force in American life. They want to be governed by the UN, not our own Constitution.

They call the 2018 congressional election "The Impeachment Election."

Is it true 60 Democrats signed onto Articles of Impeachment against President Trump even though they can’t point to anything he’s done wrong or illegal?

If they win back the majority in Congress, they promise to immediately launch proceedings. They will use the IRS, FBI and the Justice Department to target and destroy Christians.

Space limitations preclude listing President Trump’s accomplishments executed against all odds. His laissez-faire stance and stamina keeping on keeping on while the likes of Maxine Waters et al malign him with vitriolic comments and hatred bless many.

By the way, his choice of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as Press Secretary is another accomplishment. She mirrors his cool, calm and collected guts as she fields media questions.

The bottom line is while F&F gears up for success with the imminent mid-term elections, many remain confident God will again intervene producing supporters of Making America Great Again.

Won’t it be exciting when God repeats His choice for president in 2020?

I’m looking forward to May 14 when gutsy Trump declares our embassy will move to Jerusalem, significant in Israel’s history.

God bless us all as only He can. 




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