MILTON — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission filed these cases between Feb. 9 and 15 in Santa Rosa County:

Officer Jernigan received information regarding a social media post that showed a duck and another bird that a subject had killed. The duck was identified as a hooded merganser but the other bird was a grebe, a protected migratory bird. Officer Jernigan located the subject who admitted to taking the bird. Jernigan charged him with a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act under Florida’s Administrative Code. 

Officer Hutchinson completed an investigation into a complaint about a juvenile that killed a short horn buck. The investigation revealed evidence that the subject killed the deer by drowning it after he shot it several times with birdshot. He was charged with taking an antlerless deer and animal cruelty. 

Officer Hutchinson completed an investigation regarding a subject who harvested two antlerless deer on one of the doe days earlier this season. Authorities found the man in possession of a fresh deer hide, and during the investigation, provided officers with documentation that he killed two antlerless deer at one time. The limit is one per day. Authorities charged him with taking over the bag limit of antlerless deer.