MILTON — Santa Rosa commissioners in a resolution said they support a proposal to recognize the Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe Inc., as a federally recognized Indian tribe.

"We appreciate the consideration of the county commissioners something that we are endeavoring to do that is a lifelong dream of all of us," Dan Helms, the tribe's vice chief, said at the Feb. 5 Commission Committee meeting. "Lloyd Hinote [his predecessor, who died in November 2016] worked diligently for many years to get us on the road to having this dream come true."

Helms addressed the board, along with several other tribe members, during the Feb. 8 commission meeting.

"We are descended from Creek Indians who lived in this county beginning over 200 years ago" Helms said. "And they loved this county. It is sacred to them. In fact, the word ‘chumuckla’ in the Muskogee language means ‘to bow head to the ground.’

"They loved this county as we do. Our roots are deep and our love is strong for this county and we so much appreciate the support we get from the county in general and particularly from the board of county commissioners.

"We are humbled and we are grateful for your support of our endeavors."