PACE — The Pace High School freshman boys basketball team completed their season Feb. 2 with a victory against Gulf Breeze High School, their 14th win and a finish to an undefeated season. 

The freshman team consists of Max Neal, No. 11; Rickey Stacey, No. 2; Collier Ransom, No. 30; Johnathan Box, No. 33, Micah Dietrich, No. 13; Eathan Stinson, No. 3; Kaden Dukes, No. 4; Jayden Freeman, No. 34; Logan Donahue, No. 5; Michael Zdon, No. 44; Nate Gavin, No. 22; Troy Dilema, No.15; Peyton Taylor, No. 10; Key Hamilton, No. 1; and Wyatt Goodale, No. 12. 

Coach Houston Ramsay is a graduate of Pace High and played basketball for the school. This is his third season as coach of the freshman team. 

Here we catch up with Ramsay about his team’s successful season. 

How do you and the boys feel about this accomplishment? 

The guys are very excited about going undefeated, and they are happy all the hard work they have put into this season has paid off. Me and my assistant coach, Cameron Bozeman, are just proud of how hard the guys played and practiced every day throughout the season. They made me excited to come to practice every night, and I had a lot of fun coaching them this year. 

Is this the first time the freshman team has had an undefeated season? 

I'm not sure about the first freshman team, but we have not had an undefeated team in the program since Coach Pippin's last season as the junior varsity coach before he took over the varsity team (2006-2007). 

Who do you feel was your biggest rival this season? 

I would have to say Pensacola High's freshman team was our toughest game. We had an early lead on them, but from then on we were trading baskets the whole game.

I wish we could have been able to play them a second time, it would have been an exciting game to be apart of.