MILTON — City staffers have provided a list of development projects within city limits and their current statuses.

According to the list, there are six new developments and three new business license activities. The projects are as follows:

Summertowne Community is a proposed 248-unit, multi-family development with an assisted-living facility located 26 acres north of Milton Dodge, bounded by Glover Lane, Lambert Lane and Long Street. The conceptual plan was submitted to the city in March 2017. Milton’s Technical Review Committee reviewed the plan in early April 2017, and the City Council reviewed the plan late April 2017. A public hearing was held in June 2017 and the project was approved by the council. Summertowne is a three-year phase development to address a 10-year potential senior care housing need in Santa Rosa County, according to the plan. Carter Crossing Apartments is a proposed 93-unit senior-living apartment complex located at 6208 Berryhill Road. Plans for the construction were submitted to the city in May 2017. Milton’s TRC reviewed the plans in June 2017 and the City Council approved plans for construction in July 2017. Construction of the apartments is currently underway and approximately 50 percent complete. A plan proposing the demolition and rebuild of the existing Waffle House at 6558 Caroline St. was reviewed by the TRC in July 2017 and city staff approved construction. Masons Restaurant is a new southern-style eatery located at 5153 Dogwood Drive. The business opened in early December 2017. Cosse’s Place is a new Louisiana Creole-style restaurant located at the southwest corner of Stewart Street and Hunt Street. The business opened in November 2017. A plan proposing interior demolition and rebuild of the building formerly called Whiting Furniture was submitted to the city. The building is to be split into two separate units for United Way and used for educational and retail purposes. Bagdad Land and Lumber Co., Inc. — a retail artisan shop to be located at 6835 Caroline St. — has acquired a business license. PaPaws BBQ, LLC — a restaurant to be located at 5472 Stewart St. — has acquired a business license. Top 2 Bottom Cleaning Services — a home occupation business to be located at 5370 Broad St. — has acquired a business license.