Dear editor, 

There is nothing wrong with having been sheltered as a child. You can't rear children without sheltering them to some point cause of their age, and with what some of society has to offer to the rest of society is exactly why we shelter them!

The political left came out with a message about two decades ago stating, "It takes a village to raise a child." I've seen the people of the village, and I don't need them helping me raise my child! I have, and will continue rearing my 21-year-old child, and if they still want to raise something they should try raising chickens or anything else that is raised and not reared.

Raising chickens is much easier than rearing children. Chickens don't need morals — children do! The Bible is a book of faith, religion, true stories (because today society repeats the same mistakes), morals (taught with these stories) and recorded history.

Am I what the political left calls Bible thumpers? No. Do I believe in God? Yes. Is it better to believe than not believe, if God does exist, and does it really matter if you believe, if God doesn't exist? The difference is only your soul.

The Bible teaches morals; the government doesn't. But government has no problem locking you up when you violate the moralities of the Bible like "thou shalt not bear false witness," or "thou shalt not kill" 'cause government passed a law.

Wouldn't it have been nice to [have] been taught that as a child than learning it through our laws as an adult? But government doesn't teach laws unless you want to become a lawyer, and lawyers may lie more than any group in society.

A defense lawyer may twist facts to defend a guilty client but a prosecuting attorney may do the same regarding an innocent client. So what you may find missing from the law is the truth of reality.

The main profession involved in governing is lawyers. So what you may find missing from the politics of governing is the truth of reality!  



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