The Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization is updating the Pedestrian/Bicycle Master Plan and has extended its deadline for project proposals.

Residents can submit up to 10 proposals for each pedestrian/bicycle facility project they would like to see implemented in their community. Interested residents need to download project forms at and mail completed forms to David Wood,

The new deadline to submit projects is close of business, Friday, Feb. 2. If a project was included in the 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, it is OK to re-submit it.

Florida-Alabama TPO staff will rank eligible projects; the preliminary scores will then be presented to the Pedestrian Bicycle Advocacy Working Group for review of rankings and feedback. Final rankings will be included in the updated Florida-Alabama TPO Pedestrian/Bicycle Master Plan.

In February 2017, the TPO initiated an effort to incorporate facility improvements and Complete Streets policies into an updated Pedestrian/Bicycle Master Plan.

The purpose of the Florida-Alabama TPO Pedestrian Bicycle Master Plan Update is to:

Develop a shared vision for all communities through public input.

Develop strategies that support integration of safe and well-connected pedestrian and bicycle networks into the overall transportation system.

The ultimate goal is to develop a non-motorized system that addresses the needs of all users and encourages the use of alternative modes of transportation.