MILTON — Three athletes who train at Milton’s Bar Strength and Conditioning competed Jan. 14 in the 2018 Powerlifting Championship at Revolution Fitness in Hattiesburg, Miss.

The following includes athletes’ weight classes and weight lifted in the squat, bench and dead lift.

John Severson competed in the 308-pound weight class in the open classic raw division. He also achieved the best overall lifter in the Classic Raw.

Squat — 749 pounds Bench press — 403 pounds Dead lift — 749 pounds Total — 1,901 pounds 

Josh Davis competed in the 242-pound weight class in the Open Raw division

Squat — 551 pounds Bench press — 468 pounds Dead lift — 622 pounds Total — 1,641 pounds 

Gary Brewer competed in the 242-pound weight class

Dead lift — 716 pounds