MILTON — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission filed these cases between Dec. 29, 2017 and Jan. 5, 2018 in Santa Rosa County:


Officer Cushing observed a vehicle being operated without any lights on and initiated a traffic stop to address the safety concern. While behind the vehicle with emergency lights on, the passenger was observed discarding several small items out of the passenger window while the vehicle was moving. When the vehicle was stopped, several indicators that the passenger and the operator may be under the influence were observed. Neither subject had any form of identification nor did the operator have a valid driver’s license. Additionally, the tag was not assigned to the vehicle. Pensacola Police Department arrived on the scene to assist and the PPD K-9 unit alerted on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was in possession of illegal narcotics and the case was turned over to PPD.



Officer Hutchinson was patrolling late one night when he observed a truck moving slowly in an area known for night hunting. He observed the driver shine a spotlight along the edge of a field. When Hutchison attempted to stop the truck, the driver did not stop immediately and he was observed throwing an object out of the window of the vehicle. Once the operator stopped, a muzzleloader rifle with a flashlight taped to the stock was located inside the vehicle. A Santa Rosa County deputy arrived to assist and located a bag containing methamphetamine and glass pipes where the subject threw it out the window. The subject was a convicted felon and had a suspended driver license. Additionally, blood from a recently killed deer was found in the bed of the truck and it was determined that the man illegally killed a buck a few days earlier. The subject was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, attempting to take deer at night, driving on a suspended license and possession of an illegally taken deer. Officer Jones responded to the Escribano Point Wildlife Management Area at the request of a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission biologist who had encountered subjects removing a Jeep from a wetland within the management area at a portion where public entry by vehicles is prohibited. An investigation revealed that the driver had driven around a locked gate and proceeded into the area. He drove across a small bridge that was not intended for vehicles, which resulted in considerable damage to the bridge. After driving throughout the area, he then drove across a creek and through a wetland for approximately a mile causing considerable damage to the land, trees and plants. Charges are being prepared for two counts of destruction of state lands by a motor vehicle. Officer Jones received a complaint from a Santa Rosa County marina owner that he was ordering off his property a sailboat, its owner and other associated persons. The officer arrived the following morning to find that the boat was tied to a piling near the marina as well as to structures of the marina. A patron of the marina pointed to a dinghy boat that was tied alongside the sailboat. The patron said that the dinghy was the property of the marina owner. A man and a woman were on board the vessel. After watching the boat and the area, the officer observed the female occupant of the sailboat proceed in the dinghy to shore at a nearby park. It was confirmed that the dingy was recently stolen. The woman was charged with theft, operating a vessel with no personal flotation devices and operating a vessel with no registration. Officer Wilkenson and Investigator Hughes responded to a complaint of individuals harvesting juvenile stone crabs at the Bob Sikes Fishing Bridge. Based on the description provided by the complainant, the officers located the individuals quickly. The individuals were actively fishing with rods and reels. In plain view, a bucket that contained several juvenile whole-body stone crabs was observed. It was determined the individuals were using the stone crabs as bait. There was a total of 14 whole-body stone crabs in the individuals’ possession. The subjects were cited for possession of whole stone crabs and undersized stone claws. The officers released the stone crabs alive.