MILTON — Santa Rosa commissioners proclaimed Jan. 21-26 the 23rd Annual Children’s Week at their Jan. 11 meeting.

Florida Children’s Week is an initiative started by United Way of Florida where thousands of parents, children, professionals, policy-makers, community leaders and concerned citizens will gather in Tallahassee to share knowledge and information about children's issues across the state.

“Florida’s Children’s Week — a special annual celebration filled with joyful singing voices of young children, the colorful 'Hanging of Hands,' and the dedication of thousands of child advocates across Florida — captures the true spirit and commitment Florida has made to our children and youth,” the Children’s Week website said.

According to the proclamation, the purpose of Children's Week is to create a shared vision of the state of Florida's commitment to its children and families and to engage in a long-term process to develop and implement strategies for moving that vision forward.

Children’s Week has teamed up with more than 100 businesses and organizations across the state to expand the network of community involvement and education on a wide array of children and family issues, the proclamation said.