PACE — Robert Zachry, an 11-year resident of the Guernsey Road area of Pace, asked Santa Rosa County commissioners to do something about the trash and road conditions there.

Based on commissioners’ comments, they’ll do just that.

Zachry addressed the commission following Monday's Commissioner Committee meeting.

"That’s a cut-through from Chumuckla (Highway) to Woodbine (Road," Zachry said about the road. "The road is rough. When people turn off Chumuckla, (they’re) throwing their garbage out on the road there. It’s like a landfill."

Pace Water System will take care of the road, according to Commissioner Sam Parker, as 100 new homes will receive sewer lines in the area.

"(Guernsey Road) was on the list to be resurfaced," he said. "(Pace Water System) asked us not to resurface it. (They will) run sewer lines to Legend Creek (Lane). Once they’re done, they’ll resurface it."

As far as trash, Parker said littering is a difficult thing to legislate but Public Works Director Stephen Furman said he could get a prison crew there to pick up the trash and put in a work order to cut back the foliage.

"It’s an ongoing problem," Furman said. "Our crews work five days a week."